Foodie&Tours Mallorca 

Discover the island of Mallorca! Known for great night life, beautiful scenery, sunny beaches and best of all fantastic food. Explore all there is to know about this Foodie destination. 

tapas in Mallorca

Top 8 Tapas in Mallorca

Spain is a country known for it’s delicious tapas! In each region of Spain, you will find tapas that are traditional to that area! In Mallorca, tapas are a part of the daily culture for locals, just as basking in the sun on the beaches are too! Tapas in Mallorca are made with ingredients directly from the island, which highlights the vegetables and meats that are traditional to Mallorca. Although Mallorca has a large variety of tapas to choose from, I have narrowed it down to a list of the top 8 tapas you absolutely must try on your visit! 

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malorcan pastries

Best Mallorcan Pastries to have breakfast

While on your visit to Mallorca, listen carefully, you might hear a local saying “berenar.” This verb translates to “having breakfast,” which is a part of the culture on the island and is a daily tradition. You might be wondering what makes berenar so special in Mallorca? After-all, many people have breakfast every single day without necessarily calling it a tradition. Let’s spend some time learning about the typical breakfast and the best Mallorcan pastries, to understand why it is such a special custom!

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