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Foodie&Tours Mallorca offers adventurous food-lovers a wide array of cultural and culinary experiences pre-filtered to be authentic, unique and truly unforgettable. We save travellers precious time searching through endless tour listings with our handpicked collection of the island’s most representative foodie activities, including wine tastings and cooking classes, food tours and hosted meals. The food products featured on our tours vary according to season. Our tours highlight family-run food businesses that rely on sustainably grown or raised, kilometer-0 ingredients.

Explore the dynamic landscapes of Mallorca, from the sun-kissed port city of Palma to the stunning beaches, cliffs and caves, fertile plains and sleepy mountain towns. In the company of your expert local guide, you’ll uncover the hidden secrets of this magical island. Foodie&Tours Mallorca Manager Jose Marcellan Guinot is a passionate food enthusiast and co-owner of Spain Golf Academy, which runs various locations in Mallorca. Throughout his travels on the island he’s developed a deep understanding of the Mallorquin culinary scene and has become the go-to guide for all things foodie.

Begin your journey with a market tour of Palma, meeting local vendors and tasting the island’s most famous products: the olives and almonds that form a great part of the Majorcan diet, the native ramallet tomato, spicy sobrassada sausage made with paprika and pork, fresh fish and seafood, and local grimalt cheese. Visit a traditional bakery in the historic center to taste the island’s most famous dessert: a sweet ensaimada cake filled with strings of pumpkin or cream. Venture out to the island’s heartland for a hearty meal of slow-cooked lamb and greixonera cheesecake at a rustic Mallorcan finca (farmhouse). Tour the Binissalem wine region to taste local varietals and discover ancient viticultural traditions dating back to the Roman Empire. And for a fully immersive experience join a cooking class to learn how to make the island’s most cherished recipes: frit mallorqui (pork or lamb meat and liver with veggies fried with olive oil and garlic), arròs brut (rice with meats, mushrooms and vegetables), porcella (suckling pig) and tumbet (roasted layers of eggplant, potato and red bell peppers).

Foodie&Tours Mallorca is your local guide to the top culinary experiences in beautiful Balearic capital. We’ll help you discover the best that this Mediterranean paradise has to offer, its secret foodie spots, beloved by locals.

The team

Pepe Marcellan

Pepe is originally from Zaragoza, but he was raised in Barcelona. At the age of 19 years-old he moved to United States to complete his degree in Business Administration & Marketing. He is as well passionate for the game of golf and he has had the opportunity to work as a teaching professional for many years. Nowadays Pepe lives in Mallorca, he is a foodie and wine lover. As entrepreneur he is always thinking about new business opportunities, and then Foodie & Tours knocked on the door. This year, in 2017, Pepe opens in the city of Llucmajor (Mallorca) four apartments to rent. His intention is to offer his guests a real gastronomic experience in a partnership with Foodie & Tours Mallorca.